When you are thinking about view element manipulation and want to use the infrastructure of angular in the right way, you are in the right story.

Many developers are using different components to show the same information.

for example, working with cross-platform and supporting different sizes of display. developers got…

Many developers working on projects in parallel, almost all of them implement the same code, how to manage your code, and to reuse it in all your projects.

Let's start to create our new package:

  • First of all, create a new directory for the new project.
  • Open your terminal, and…

What is the best way to use the same language as your team knows?

  • To use the same implementation principles.
  • To create a design review and coding review.
  • To create the same folders in all your projects.
  • To use the design pattern in your code.
  • To create the same convention…

If you want to skill up your team, use clean code practices and bump up productivity. Angular-cli can be your answer


·Simple concept, it’s easy to add delete or change the behavior of your templates and logic.

· Saving Time, “Click and Use” Create angular features via click (components, directives…

Nadav Levman

Full-Stack Web Developer

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